Throughout my ‘paid’ career in film production and photography, I have completed a number of odd jobs and do not want to limit my services to one or two particular subjects. I am willing to take on any request that is presented to me by my potential clients.

            In my experience, I have found it vital to establish personal connections with my clients. This includes thoroughly discussing what exactly the client is looking for and how I am able to provide my services to them. With that being said, it is during these meetings that I will discuss potential costs with my clients as I am greatly willing to negotiate a cost that is both beneficial not only to myself but to the client as well.

            In these discussions, I greatly prefer to meet face to face with my client because I believe it will ensure a greater sense of trust amongst the client and myself. However, I am not opposed to conversations on the phone, Skype, or greatly detailed E-mails.

            If you are interested in my services please refer to the ‘CONTACT’ tab above to gather all information to get a hold of me and discuss what you are looking for and come up with a common meeting ground for us both.